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    Written on Thursday, 03 January 2019 12:18
  • Welcome to Nicole Truman and Jeffrey Hatley to Dakota Ridge
    Welcome to Nicole Truman and Jeffrey Hatley to Dakota Ridge Thank you and a big welcome to Nicole Truman and Jeffrey Hatley to Dakota Ridge! Thank you for becoming trusted guardian's of this sweet boy, and for honoring Thunder with this beautiful name: Nimbus ThunderKat – an homage to our dearly departed "Down Under Thunder," and his sire and dam, BAL Whiskers and Ballistic's Bella Luna respectively. Nimbus - A luminous cloud, aura, atmosphere or halo surrounding a supernatural being, saint, person or thing. In the original Latin, "nimbus" means cloud. In modern meteorology, cumulonimbus clouds are dense towering clouds associated with thunderstorms. The moon's light, Thunder's spirit, and Whiskers' ever-watchful eye casts a magical aura and glow around this cria. ♥♥♥
    Written on Sunday, 28 May 2017 15:37
  • Welcome Kid Rock!
    Welcome Kid Rock! Later in 2016, we welcomed to the farm, another handsome gelding named Kid Rock.  He is a Tennessee Walking Horse and is being shared by us and a good friend, Colleen Gattuso (see picture of Colleen and Kid).  We also want to give a warm welcome to Colleen and her family!  Colleen said she's in her "Happy Place" when she is here. Both Colleen and Kid have been great additions to the farm and are sweethearts.  
    Written on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 17:18
  • Jax joins the farm
    Jax joins the farm In 2016, we welcomed to the farm, a handsome horse named Jax.  He is owned by Katrina's sister, Jennifer Rickman and her son, Cody.  Jax has fit right in with Sakima and they are best friends!  He is also one of the visitor's farm favorites!  Words cannot express how good it is to have Jenny and Cody here and to be able to share riding time with them.  It is the best!  
    Written on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 16:52
  • R.I.P. Down Under Thunder
    R.I.P. Down Under Thunder Our hearts are sad as I write about the loss of our very special 19 year old boy, "The Down Under Thunder", who passed gently over the rainbow bridge recently. Here is something I posted on our Facebook page about him: Thunder was born in August 1997 and came to our farm as a weanling. He became one of our 4-H Club llamas, and helped "train" many of the young kids to do performance and showmanship. We could always count on Thunder to go anywhere and do just about anything. Thunder carried the pack on our treks and led the way on a feather light lead, even just a few weeks ago he did 3 treks with full grace and willingness. I will always remember one trek where a 3 year old girl led Thunder the whole way, what a great gentleman he was. Thank you to all that came…
    Written on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 14:50
  • ABC News Video
    Llama Lovers Start New Exotic Pet Trend If a dog or a cat seems too traditional, consider adding this large mammal to your family. ABC News
    Written on Thursday, 01 June 2017 16:03


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Dakota Ridge Farm was established in 1990 when we obtained our first llama, Dakota, as a wedding present from Gary to Katrina. Since then, many more of these regal, magical and mystical creatures have arrived.
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