From our own herd of 35-40 llamas, we offer animals that will fill a variety of purposes.  You may be looking for a lovable companion, a show animal, a pack animal, a guard, or a source of exquisite fiber.  Having carefully bred the best to the best for over 25 years, we have produced a collection of top quality llamas. Many of our llamas come from the famous Berry Acres Llamas (BAL) and were known for raising very elegant, large, conformationally correct llamas that were consistently winners in the show rings across the country.  

With the sale of a llama, we give a new halter and leadrope, make a donation to the camelid rescue organization of your choice, or a one-year membership to GALA (Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Organization).  We also offer never-ending backup support whenever you need it, at whatever time you need it.  We also offer package prices if you buy two or more animals and accept interest free monthly payments, as long as we get a downpayment.  That usually makes it easy for people to purchase llamas from us, and if a troublesome time comes up, please call and talk to us about it and we'll work with you the best that we can.  We also have guarantees on all of our sale animals, so if they don't fit the purpose you bought them for, we will replace with a llama of the same value.  Please email for more information.  

*Please note that although we don't currently have any llamas for sale from our own farm, we do have more babies due in 2017 and will post them here as soon as we can.  Please contact us Here if you'd like to be put on our waiting list.  Thank you!!


Note: Some of the following animals are marked with a '*' as we are helping a friend sell some of his animals.  The above guarantees do not apply.  They are all located here in New York.  Please conatct us Here for any inquiries!!


Sweet Angel

For Sale
*Dakota Ridge Katrina's Sweet Angel - ILR# 289765, DOB October 12, 2016, Female.

SLVL Symon

*SLVL Symon - ILR# 290305, DOB October 2016.
 SOLD!  Thank you, Connie Hall, Warrensburg, NY

SLVL's Pandora

*SLVL's Pandora, - ILR# 290185, DOB October 10, 2016, Female.
 SOLD!  Thank you, Venesa Carter, Marshfield, MO

SLVL Prince Charming

*SLVL Prince Charming - ILR# 290184, DOB September 15, 2016.

 SOLD!  Thank you, Connie Hall, Warrensburg, NY

About Dakota Ridge Farm

Dakota Ridge Farm was established in 1990 when we obtained our first llama, Dakota, as a wedding present from Gary to Katrina. Since then, many more of these regal, magical and mystical creatures have arrived.