LLAMAS FOR SALE: Our farm has produced many Regional and National Champions. Our quality bred crias are known nationwide and offered for sale.

LlAMA LLEASING: We have a unique leasing program to learn about, enjoy, and love a llama without a permanent commitment. If you’re not sure about buying a llama, we highly recommend leasing one first! We offer a leasing program where the animal is yours to use exclusively for $150.00 per month. This price includes full care of the llama and vet costs. The only thing you have to pay for is the leasing fee. Should you wish to take “your” llama to shows, the entry fees will be your responsibility. Your llama will be available on a daily basis for you to visit, brush, take for a hike on our trails, or even go through our obstacle course with! When leasing a llama from us you will also get a training course on how to handle your llama and learn just how a llama thinks…it’s fun!

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About Dakota Ridge Farm

Dakota Ridge Farm was established in 1990 when we obtained our first llama, Dakota, as a wedding present from Gary to Katrina. Since then, many more of these regal, magical and mystical creatures have arrived.