TOUR ON A WORKING FARM (generally held between 11 am and 5 pm, pleasant weather conditions are best): Come and visit approximately 55 llamas on a working farm, they are very gentle and easy to love. We will give you basic information on the many uses and care of llamas.  The tours are private, so you will not be in a large group.  You will have a personal hands-on experience as we bring out a llama for you to pet, brush, feed and walk.  We will bring you in all 3 llama barns, so you can see and interact with them, including taking photographs.  The tour will last about 1 hour, but, you are welcome to stay longer and visit with the animals afterwards. $10.00 per person.  GROUP RATES AVAILABLE   
******Please RSVP for the Tours Here or email to 

LLAMA SHEARING: (Generally held between 11 am and 5 pm in the month of May only.)  If you would like to have a "working" experience for a couple of hours to shear a llama or two, we welcome you. You can assist with shearing and we will teach you to shear as well. You will love working with these wonderful creatures, and we will let you take a small bag of wool home with you. $50.00 per person. *Please RSVP for the shearing Here or email to 
TREKS WITH A LLAMA (Generally held between 11 am and 5 pm, pleasant weather conditions are best). Treks available Spring (April/May/June) and Fall (September/October/early November) only.
Enjoy our guided woodland trails as you lead your “own” llama. The treks are private, so you will not be in a large group.  If you like, we invite you to bring lunch. You may use the picnic tables on the trail, or eat back at the farm if preferred. Please wear comfortable shoes or boots (no open-toed shoes), especially if we have had rain, it could be muddy in spots. The hike is usually at a slow, easy pace and lasts approximately one hour. There are 2 steep hills on the trail.  $25.00 for adults and $15.00 for children 15 years and under. GROUP RATES AVAILABLE.  For large group visits, children must be at least 8 years old to lead a llama.  *****Please RSVP for the treks Here or email to 

About Dakota Ridge Farm

Dakota Ridge Farm was established in 1990 when we obtained our first llama, Dakota, as a wedding present from Gary to Katrina. Since then, many more of these regal, magical and mystical creatures have arrived.
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